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Watch on the computer and iPad

Our registered client may use this Service just entering the card number and password. You can also use trial access.

Смотри онлайн!

New users have to install plug-in for watching!
  • For iPad /iOS plug-in is not required. Press ENTRY and put in the access information
  • In Windows it’s possible to use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Automatic installation of VLC plug-in is possible only in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you use Opera or Google Chrome, please use Internet Explorer in this case for plug-in installation. After installation watching is possible through all the above mentioned web browsers.
  • ЕIf you use the operating system Mac OS X, watching is possible in Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Herein it is not necessary to install VLC player completely, it is enough to install this plug-in, which is provided separately.
    Plug-in for the computers with the processor Intel (from 2006): vlc-1.0.5-intel.dmg
    Plug-in for the processor PowerPC: vlc-plugin-1.0.5-intel.dmg
    Attention: before starting installation of plug-in, it is required to stop Safari and Mozilla Firefox. It is possible to do by pressing of the combination cmd+Q in the active window, as well as through the menu of the program or through the icon of the program in Dock-e. If you are not sure, that Safari or Mozilla Firefox are completely switched off, the best way is to restart the computer after the installation of the plug-in.
    Those who want to install VLC player on Mac in full version, may use the following detailed instruction
  • Before installation of VLC Plug-in in Windows, we recommend you to read the following instructions:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    - Mozilla Firefox

  • Installation of VLC plug-in in automatically:
    - On the picture ENTRY click the left mouse key
    - In a new window click the left mouse key on the picture INSTALL PLUG-IN
    - Follow the instructions
  • You also may download a new compatible version VLC Plug-in in Windows, we recommend you to read the following: 0.8.6i
Trial free of charge access
If you wish to check the quality of connection and be sure in image stability, you can use our trial variant. For short-period access you can use our trial codes, shown below. Attention: One code may be used only by one user. You’ll have access only to 4 channels. If anybody else use the same code which use you at the same time, your trial watching will be interrupted.

User: 140 Password: 041
User: 141 Password: 141
User: 142 Password: 241
User: 143 Password: 341
User: 144 Password: 441
User: 145 Password: 541
User: 146 Password: 641
User: 147 Password: 741
User: 148 Password: 841
User: 149 Password: 941

Problems solving
  • - Correct installation for Internet Explorer
  • If you don’t manage to watch TV via Internet Explorer, we advise you to restore the factory settings. Services-Internet Options-Additionally-Cancel . After that reinstall VLC player and restart Web browser.