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  • TV without satellite and cable connection!
  • Internet from 8 Mbit/s
  • Original quality due to modern technologies
  • Free of charge trial use in the category of TV online
  • original time and time delay for 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11 hours
  • Most of our channels are not available via satellite TV in Europe, but you’ll have the opportunity to watch it via Internet!
  • Perfect quality of signal. It doesn’t depend on the weather.
  • Attractive price! From 425 CZK for 84 channels (Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarus, Israel, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani)
  • Equipment warranty
  • Wireless and cable TV adaptor, which you can place in any convenient place for you.

We are glad to offer you the opportunity to watch TV via Internet. Now you don’t need to install quite a large satellite and stretch the cable through the entire flat. With the help of our compact TV device (IPTV STB) you’ll be able to watch more than 100 TV channels and also you’ll be able to listen to more than 15 radio channels. For this you need only Internet with the speed more than 8 Mb/s (DSL or other technologies). We are also glad to offer you wireless TV adaptor and cable adaptor for watching Russian TV on your TV set. You can place this device anywhere you wish in your place. Moreover, you don’t have to buy those special devices for that, it’s enough to use your PC as a TV adaptor with your TV set and watch  TV online.

New settings!

Instruction for the adaptor SIG

Instruction for the adaptor Maxibox

We wish you a pleasant time!